Shadow Bend – Beaumont, Texas

A stately French estate home with understated landscaping features, this home on Shadow Bend is proof that sometimes less is more.

Thomas Court – Beaumont, Texas

A spacious courtyard with rustic European accents. Plenty of privacy, plenty of room and several hidden corners, all centered around a stately fountain.

Mont Claire – Beaumont, Texas

Traditional hedge landscaping with floral and ivy accents centered around an ornate copper water feature. A beautiful landscape that doesn’t sacrifice the utility of the circular drive.

Manion Court – Beaumont, Texas

For this project we worked to bring the comforts and features of the home outside as seamlessly as possible.  The solid brick construction complements the home’s physical structure, while the pool, water features and surrounding landscaping remind you why you came outside in the first place.

Berwick – Beaumont, Texas

This semi-formal landscape project was designed to compliment the Southern Acadian architecture style of this home on Berwick Drive – Beaumont, Texas.

Gammill – Beaumont, Texas

This cottage-style garden space abounds with local accents. A dry set walkway invites visitors to walk beneath the rugged wood arbor.

Merlot – Beaumont, Texas

This home, on a cul-de-sac, features a long driveway and a formal brick parking court. The English-style landscaping attmepts to soften the architectural features of the home and hardscapes. A swimming pool is disguised as a reflecting pool, thereby integrating beautifully into the surrounding space in the back yard.